Addressing Workplace Violence & Effectively Responding

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Illinois Chamber of Commerce; Edwardsville, IL
 | 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Navigating your way through the operational, security, and legal minefields to safeguard  your employees while avoiding liability related to workplace violence can be a challenge. The Illinois Chamber of Commerce invites you to join two recognized legal and security professionals for a morning of in-depth learning and discussion of these issues.

Employers have a legal duty to provide a safe and secure work environment, in addition to supporting their employees and avoiding individual, business, and litigation risks, while keeping costs reasonable. Post-event investigation and individual retrospective analysis confirms that some of the incidents participants are overwhelmed by include the daily workplace performance stress and anxiety. However, an increased number of incidents are attributable to unresolved workplace issues, intimidation, bullying and harassment. These circumstances can also adversely impact an entire department, facility or organization in more subtle negative ways, including lower productivity, increased absenteeism, substance abuse, and serious health risks.

Led by Patrick Sanders, an experienced labor and employment attorney, and Kevin Pennell, a Protective Security Advisor from U.S. Department of Homeland Security, this interactive seminar identifies and discusses critical legal issues early in the process. Attendees will have access to suggested sample policies and practice mechanisms to proactively diminish the risks and liabilities associated with violence in the workplace.

Topics to be discussed Include:

  • Legal Developments: case law updates (local, regional and national)
  • Legislative Changes: workplace violence, development of effective anti-bulling policies, concealed carry, and domestic violence legislation impacting the workplace
  • S. Homeland Security Active Shooter Presentation and discussion of workplace security, facility penetration and access control considerations
  • Employer Policy Updates: harassment, intimidation/bullying, workplace violence, workplace weapons, workplace search, employee monitoring/surveillance, drug testing, employee harmony, improving hiring processes, background checks, applicant questionnaire, criminal histories (convictions vs. arrests)
  • Best Practices: employee investigation and related confrontations


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